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The aim of "TIRTHNIRDESHIKA.com" is to promote tirth destinations and enhance the knowledge about different tirth destination hence bringing the people especially youth closer to culture.

  • Shrawanbelgola

    More than 1000 years back in 981 BC Mahamatya Chamundraiji with Acharya Shri Nemichand Siddhanta Chakraborty had estblished Idol of Bhagwan Bahubali .....

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  • Shatrunjayji

    This is a Nirvana Kshetra. Yudishtir, Bhima, Arjun and Dravid King along with 8 crore Muni have attained salvation from here. Bhattarak Gyan Sagarji has mentioned that.....

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  • Bawangaja

    This is a Place of Salvation (Siddha Kshetra). Indrajeet and Kumbhkaran along with 5 crore Muni have attained salvation from here. Very ancient world famous tallest idol.....

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  • Tirth Routes

    Get some quick information on different "Tirth Routes" with distances between them.

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  • Kalyanak Kshetra

    List of Kalyanak Kshetra of 24 Tirthankars with Garbh, Birth & Knowledge.

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