Tirth Tips

A Request -  Kindly keep following things in mind while travelling to the Tirth Kshetra:

  • The Tirth should be developed as a place to attain discipline and restraint and not as a tourist place.
  • Non-edible items(onion, potato, chips etc) should not be consumed at tirth kshetra.
  • Taking dinner should not even come to your mind.
  • The rooms, bathrooms, beds, pillows, blankets etc should be used with care and cleanliness should be maintained.
  • The attendents should not be influenced by tip, the practice of enjoying the privilages of other fellow pilgrim should be avoided.
  • To maintain the sanctity and purity of the mountains pilgrim should start practising:
    • Wastage of water / minimum use of water.
    • Minimum use of electricity.
  • Avoid reasons of quarrels.
  • It will be best to celebrate your birthday or marriage anniversary at tirth kshetra, in this way their children will get traditional.

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